Signing my One Book One Brant Poster

Signing my One Book One Brant Poster

Signing my One Book One Brant Poster

Yesterday, I spent a pleasant afternoon in the Burford branch of the Brant County Library system meeting readers and demonstrating one of the recipes from my cookbook A Taste of Canada.

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One Book One Brant

As far as I know, this is a first. My most recent book A Taste of Canada has been chosen as Brant County’s “One Book One Brant” library celebration. Check out their website for all the information and a coloured photo of the book’s cover. I will be doing a presentation at the Burford Branch on Sunday, February 26 at 1:30. Meanwhile, the organizer of the event said they keep ordering more and more copies for all their branches since so many people wish to read it before the event. It should be a fun afternoon! 

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Deadline Approaches

One week to go! As the deadline approaches for handing in the manuscript for our book, I feel I should explain this is the reason I have been absent from my blog for so long. The fall and early winter have been incredibly busy. Not only was I trying to finish writing a book (this time thankfully with the help of my co-author Elizabeth Baird), but we moved to an apartment in October…..which in itself is enough to occupy every minute of one’s time. 

As the deadline approaches, however, I am getting more and more excited about the book. It will be my eleventh, but the first time co-authoring with Elizabeth who has added so much knowledge and wit to the manuscript that I know it will be a “fun read” as well as nudge to get the reader right out there in the kitchen to cook! As far as we know, the title will be Canada’s Favourite Recipes. Readers will find some old and some new favourites. Most of the stories and recipes come from our friends who live in various parts of Canada. The book will be published this fall and I look forward to travelling across the country with Elizabeth to do our usual crazy gigs together while we talk about our book and demonstrate some of the recipes.

I hope all will forgive me for being absent so long. I will soon be back to adding lots of new recipes and fun information on my blog.

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Two Great Pork Recipes on CTV

Today, I’ll talk about making pulled pork on Kitchener CTV and demonstrate a Double Dinner Pulled Pork recipe in the way of a Nacho Casserole….fun and nutritious as well. For both terrific recipes (courtesy of the Ontario Pork people)check out

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Making a Spinach Caesar on Rogers Daytime

Who doesn’t like Caesar Salad? Everyone does. On Monday, I will whip up a different version…..Spinach Caesar with Pine Nuts…when I appear on Rogers Daytime out of Kitchener. They are celebrating an anniversary this week and wanted me to appear since I have been visiting the show since it started. Should be fun! Look for the recipe on my recipe page.

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Making Gazpacho on CTV

Field-ripened tomatoes for gazpacho

Today on CTV, I will take advantage of some of those beautiful ripe tomatoes available at farm gates and farmers’ markets to make my favourite cold soup, gazpacho. Originating in the southern part of Spain, in Andalusia, gazpacho is now universally loved. At first, made by farm workers using whatever was available, this “liquid salad” always showcases field-ripened tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. The traditional recipe often calls for bread in the soup, but I prefer making croutons to serve on top. Most gazpachos are processed only until chunky, but in Spain, I have on occasion enjoyed the soup pureed and sieved into a tall glass as a pre-meal drink, with or without vodka.

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Scotch Eggs

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Making Picnic Fare on CTV

When we used to travel long distances by car with our children, I avoided fast food stops along the way. Instead, I would make picnics that we could enjoy under a tree in the fresh air. Among our favourites for these lunches were Scotch Eggs, hard cooked eggs encased in yummy sausage meat. They are ideal because they should be eaten cold and no one needs a knife and fork to savour them. Along with some rolls, cut raw vegetables and fresh fruit, they make a wholesome and delicious meal. Of course, I would always pack them with ice in a cooler, but also had a little picnic basket at hand to hold serviettes, salt and pepper and the like. Tomorrow on CTV, I’ll share my recipe for Scotch Eggs along some information on cooking eggs to avoid that ring around the yolk. Meanwhile, check out my recipe page.

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Sharing a Quick Strawberry Recipe on CTV

As I was growing up on the farm, there was always fruit to pick from the first pink stalks of rhubarb in the spring to the last crisp apple in late fall.  But there was something special about getting out in the warm June sun to find perfectly ripe red strawberries hidden under their protective green leaves. I would take my young children out to help find them, and now my daughter takes her little ones for the same wonderful experience.  On Thursday’s CTV Noon News, I will be talking about how best to enjoy this summer treat and will be doing a very simple recipe with them. Check out my recipe page for that one and a handy Small-Batch Strawberry Preserve recipe.

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Kids Really Can Cook

Mitch enjoys a slice of his bread.

Mitch stirs in some flour.

 My five-year-old grandson decided he would like me to teach him how to make bread.  An ambitious idea for such a young chap? Maybe, but I learned on the weekend that it can be accomplished. For a little lad with usually no patience to spare, Mitch did an excellent job of following instructions and understanding some of the chemistry involved. He now knows that yeast is asleep, but wakes up and grows with the addition of liquid and a bit of sugar to give it energy. He also waited out the rising time of 1-1/2 hours for the dough and 1 hour for the loaves without any grumbling! As soon as the bread was baked, Mitch asked for a piece and pleasantly waited again for it to cool enough to slice. (He doesn’t always eat what he helps to cook.) Two slices later (crusts and all), he was ready to recommend the bread to his friends who seemed to come from the whole neighbourhood to taste it. It was remarkably like giving kids candy, and soon two loaves had disappeared. Later came adults who appeared to enjoy a buttered slice of Mitch’s bread with beer. It was another successful example of how “kids really can cook”.

Mitch's bread is baked.

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