A Collingwood Party Starts Our Book Tour

Tomorrow, October 27th from 2:00 to 4:00, Elizabeth Baird and I will be signing our book Canada’s Favourite Recipes at a Collingwood bash. Penny Skelton owner of the Crow’s Nest bookstore and gallery, is cooking up a storm for the party, and I am taking along a few treats as well. It is always fun going to Collingwood at the start of a book tour since I grew up on a farm just south of the town, then went on to teach high school there. I look forward to seeing lots of longtime friends at the Crow’s Nest on Main Street tomorrow.

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Canada’s Favourite Recipes

My boxes of the most recent book have arrived! Look to the right! Elizabeth Baird and I (as well as my husband Kent proofreading always) worked so hard for so long and now, it is here…the newest member of our library. Our fall will be totally consumed with promotion events, but it will be fun to have a partner in crime this time, my eleventh book tour. We start next Saturday (October 27th) at the Crow’s Nest in Collingwood, Ontario where we will be chatting with readers and signing the book from 2 to 4 p.m. I anticipate seeing many old chums since I went to school in Collingwood and taught high school there as well. On Monday, October 29th we are at Relish in Waterloo demonstrating some of our yummy appetizers. In November, I have 3 other local signings lined up…..Stir Kitchen in Burlington on Sunday, November 4; The Book Express in Cambridge on Saturday, November 10 at 1:00 p.m.; and Words Worth Books in Waterloo on Wednesday, November 21 at 7:00 p.m. There are lots of other events planned, so hope to see many readers along the way….a busy, but rewarding fall ahead.

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Black Magic Squares

Tomorrow for my regular appearance on CTV, I’ll be making Black Magic Squares. This was the fun dessert I provided for a Halloween Bash in my 2008 prize-winning cookbook Hungry for Comfort that highlighted easy recipes that would bring comfort to both the maker and the eater! The rest of the menu was Howling Hot Seeds (a spicy way to use the seeds from that Jack-O-Lantern), Jangling Bones with Devilish Dip (spicy chicken wings with a simple jalapeno and mustard dip) and Ghoulish Goulash (bearing little resemblance to real goulash, a kind of main-dish ground beef chili with macaroni).  Black Magic Squares are a take-off on good old-fashioned Rice Krispies squares skipping the marshmallows and adding cocoa and peanut butter…treats for kids of all ages and up!

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Making Harvest Corn Chowder on CTV

Tomorrow, I will use some of the last of the corn harvest to make a chowder for CTV. Check out my recipe page for it.

Ingredients for Harvest Corn Chowder

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Dinner at Artisanale in Guelph

On Thursday, September 13, my daughter-in-law Cherrie Winfield and I are having our annual chili sauce day, a day in which we make huge pots of the preserve, gossip and sometimes watch a chick movie. Always tired after all that activity, we are both looking forward to going out for a Provencal dinner at Artisanale, the French influenced, locally inspired restaurant in Guelph where we will enjoy the final September Harvest Table Dinner prepared by Yasser Qahawish in the beautiful old stone building on Woolwich Street. If you have an active day planned and need some delicious pampering, give the restaurant a call at 519-821-3359 for a chance to savour everything from Eggplant Rillette and Farm Chicken to Plum Tart with Lavender Honey, all locally sourced, enlivened with olive oil and lemon, then cooked with wood and charcoal. A suitable ending for our chili sauce day; perhaps I’ll take along a jar.

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Kids Make Cookies

Tomorrow on CTV my grandchildren, Claire and Mitchell, are joining me for my regular appearance to help make Chocolate Chip Cookies. The recipe is one my daughter (when about Claire’s age) wrote out and carried with her when she taught other youngsters how to make these treats. Check out my recipe page for this simple and famous recipe.

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Roller Coaster Cake

My grandson’s 7th birthday cake.

My daughter always makes the most interesting birthday cakes for her children. This year, my 7-year-old grandson’s was inspired by a trip to Wonderland!

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Chilled Cucumber Soup for a hot day

ImageTomorrow, on CTV I’ll be making a refreshing cold soup…just the thing for entertaining on one of the many hot days we’re experiencing this summer. It’s easy and simple, another good thing when you don’t want to work particularly hard or turn on the stove in the heat. You just puree cucumbers, garlic and herbs along with buttermilk, sour cream and yogurt….all low fat, of course. A blender makes a smoother puree, but if you don’t have one, use your food processor, or even grate the cucumber and stir it with the other ingredients. Look on my recipe page for Chilled Cucumber Soup with Walnuts.

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Rhubarb shines in a Rhubarb Ginger Apple Crumble.

Tomorrow on CTV’s Noon News, I’ll talk about rhubarb and make a Rhubarb Ginger Apple Crumble inspired by Nigel Didcock’s recipe found in Eric Graham’s beautiful book Field to Table. Rhubarb, found at the edge of almost every vegetable garlen and in many flower beds, is our first local fruit (well actually it is a vegetable masquerading as fruit) and we welcome its tart flavour in countless dishes…pies, chutney, meat sauces, jam, drinks and simple crisps or crumbles. (Rhubarb was once called the “wine plant” as well as the “pie plant” because of its use in both those forms.) It not only lends itself to many recipes, but it is also nutritionally good as a laxative and a food that lowers cholesterol. If you have it in your garden (or in a friend’s), it is an inexpensive treat all way around. To make the crumble, check out my recipe page, and to order the lovely book, email Catherine at cathynigel@gmail.com

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Grilling Shrimp on CTV

Tomorrow on CTV’s Noon News, I’ll be taking us to the Caribbean by grilling some shrimp on a hot spring day. Check out Spicy Shrimp with Fresh Coriander and Lime on my recipe page.

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