Rhubarb shines in a Rhubarb Ginger Apple Crumble.

June 4, 2012 at 1:58 pm Leave a comment

Tomorrow on CTV’s Noon News, I’ll talk about rhubarb and make a Rhubarb Ginger Apple Crumble inspired by Nigel Didcock’s recipe found in Eric Graham’s beautiful book Field to Table. Rhubarb, found at the edge of almost every vegetable garlen and in many flower beds, is our first local fruit (well actually it is a vegetable masquerading as fruit) and we welcome its tart flavour in countless dishes…pies, chutney, meat sauces, jam, drinks and simple crisps or crumbles. (Rhubarb was once called the “wine plant” as well as the “pie plant” because of its use in both those forms.) It not only lends itself to many recipes, but it is also nutritionally good as a laxative and a food that lowers cholesterol. If you have it in your garden (or in a friend’s), it is an inexpensive treat all way around. To make the crumble, check out my recipe page, and to order the lovely book, email Catherine at cathynigel@gmail.com


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