Making Picnic Fare on CTV

July 18, 2011 at 8:06 am Leave a comment

When we used to travel long distances by car with our children, I avoided fast food stops along the way. Instead, I would make picnics that we could enjoy under a tree in the fresh air. Among our favourites for these lunches were Scotch Eggs, hard cooked eggs encased in yummy sausage meat. They are ideal because they should be eaten cold and no one needs a knife and fork to savour them. Along with some rolls, cut raw vegetables and fresh fruit, they make a wholesome and delicious meal. Of course, I would always pack them with ice in a cooler, but also had a little picnic basket at hand to hold serviettes, salt and pepper and the like. Tomorrow on CTV, I’ll share my recipe for Scotch Eggs along some information on cooking eggs to avoid that ring around the yolk. Meanwhile, check out my recipe page.


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