Rose, Cabbage Rose

January 19, 2011 at 2:05 pm Leave a comment

A beautiful bouquet from Cabbage Rose

When we moved to the Preston area of Cambridge, Ontario, the nearest flower shop was just up the road on King Street, so Cabbage Rose Lane became our neighbourhood florist. Judi Viglianh, who does wonderful arrangements, has sent some beautiful bouquets this way. As a special thank you, my husband took her a copy of one of my cookbooks Comfortable Kitchen Cookbook years ago. Although she cooks all the time and has used it often for savory dishes, she is not a baker, but decided lately she would attempt some baked things to round out the kitchen skills of her 13- and 15-year-old girls, Isabella and Gabrielle. I received a delightful note this week describing all the treats she had made with her family’s reactions. In her own words: “Last evening when the biscuits were baking, they both were drawn by the fragrance wafting through the house. When Isabella came in, Gabrielle claimed ‘Mom made these from scratch’…at Isabella’s hesitance…she pointed to the counter and exclaimed ‘Wow, there’s flour everywhere….very good mumsie!!!'” Judi’s answer was that she was starting a blog and calling it “Rose, Cabbage Rose” and that perhaps one day there would be a movie like “Julie and Julia”. Judi ended her note by saying “You are a welcome gift to our kitchen….looking forward to making Resplendent Raspberry Pudding next”…a good start to Rose, Cabbage Rose.


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