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September 22, 2008 at 1:43 pm


Almost thirty years ago, my first book The Christmas Cookbook (later reprinted as Canadian Christmas Cooking) was published. It was in print for almost twenty-five years, and I know many people rely on it every year for their holiday cooking. Now, almost thirty years later, my tenthbook is hitting the book shelves next month. A Taste of Canada: A Culinary Journey (Whitecap) and my biggest and most colourful cookbook yet is filled with beautiful pictures, both of the recipes themselves and our wonderful landscape as I take readers across the country. Having explored the cuisine of Canada for many years, it is with great pleasure that I share some of the good food I have found.

I am happy to say you can get a taste of A Taste of Canada even before it is on book shelves by looking in the October issue of Canada’s Style at Home magazine in which the editors have put together a lovely fall menu from my book complete with some of its food photography. People have commented already that the food shots look like real food! They have had this note posted on their website after some one tried one of the recipes: “I just tried the Phyllo Butter Tart recipe from the October issue of Style at Home and I have to say these were absolutely the best butter butter tarts. I am just learning to bake and this is my first time using phyllo. The entire process was so easy and the results so yummy. Hmmmmmm….maybe I’ll make more tomorrow. Thanks to Rose Murray for developing this delicious treat.”

As well, there is a very nice mention under “COOKBOOKS WE LOVE” in October’s Chatelaine and a lovely story about A Taste of Canada  in our Waterloo, Ontario region’s upscale, glossy magazine called Grand.

I am very excited about my book tour that begins as soon as the book is released for sale. My first book signing is Saturday, October 11th from 12 to 2:00 p.m. in Collingwood, Ontario near where I grew up, attended school and later taught high school. It will be a bit of a party since I know some of my school chums from 50 years ago!!! will be there as one of my good friends from those days called me to say she was getting together some of our classmates for the signing.

I will keep you posted on all the events that are coming up for this new book as the fall goes by and I go across the country on my tour.


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